Who is on the Canton Master Plan Steering Committee (MPSC) and what are their responsibilities?

The Planning Board is charged under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 41, Section 81D to lead the master plan effort. The Board of Selectmen and the Planning Board appointed a Master Plan Steering Committee (MPSC) to oversee the development of the Master Plan update. The MPSC works directly with a consultant to conduct, guide, and document the master plan effort. The MPSC is composed of various elected and appointed members of town boards and select citizen stakeholders. This committee meets under the direct oversight of the Planning Board.

All MPSC members are residents of Canton and appointed to a two (2) year term. The MPSC meets monthly at a regularly scheduled time. It consists of nine members: representatives from the Board of Selectmen, Conservation Commission, Economic Development Committee, Housing Authority, and Planning Board, as well as four at-large citizen stakeholders:

David McCarthy: Planning Board Member

Thomas Theodore: Board of Selectmen Member

Gerald Carmichael: Conservation Commission Member

Emilio Mauro, Jr.: Economic Development Committee Member

John McSweeney: Housing Authority Member

Sonja Grauds: Citizen-at-Large

Meredith McLoughlin: Citizen-at-Large

Michael McMahon: Citizen-at-Large

Tonja Mettlach: Citizen-at-Large

Staff: Laura Smead, Town Planner

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