Sustainability Climate Action Plan Committee


Taylor Torres - Town Planner, Kristine Meaney - Stormwater Manager, Patricia McDermott - Planning Board Rep., Tim Calabrese - Sustainability Committee Rep, Tom Birmingham - Energy Advisory Committee Rep., Hannah Gervais - Canton High School Rep., Brianna Abend - Canton High School Rep., Jennifer Wexler - Member, Jennifer Collins - Member, Matthew Masciarelli - Member, Isabella Luca - Member, Alan Abend - Member, Kathleen O'Connell - Member, Steven Colson - Member, Gregory Murphy - Member.

Mission and goals 

Development of a Sustainability/Climate Action Plan to help mitigate and adapt to climate change, including establishing specific reduction target in greenhouse gas emissions.

Volunteer Opportunities


Preferred qualifications for volunteers is an interest in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Please see the Volunteer Opportunities page for current vacancies on this committee.

All terms last 1 years and are appointed by the Select Board.