Energy Advisory Committee


  • Thomas R. Birmingham - Chair
  • Christine Smith - Secretary
  • Lilah Morrissey
  • Emily Torres - Cullinane - Vice Chair
  • Carl Engelbourg
The terms for these appointments are 3 years.

At May 2021 Town Meeting the voters approved Article 30 to establish a municipal energy aggregation program which allows the town to purchase electricity in bulk on behalf of residents, offering price stability and more choices relating to how much "Green Energy" residents wish to purchase

Committee Mission: Provide direct assistance and advice to the Town Administrator and Select Board on matters related to the planning and implementation of Canton's Municipal Energy Aggregation Program.  

Committee Scope: Assistance in recommending a consultant, designing plan choices, creating a communications program for program launch, and creating policies & procedures for ongoing (resident) customer satisfaction with the program. 

Committee membership: 5 members of the public, with the time and subject matter expertise to contribute.  Areas of expertise to target: energy sector, IT, legal & regulatory, marketing & communications. 


There are several important stages we must go through before launching the program. Recently, the Town completed a review of its Aggregation Plan, including making this Plan available for public review and comment.  This review period ended February 2, 2023, and we thank everyone who submitted comments and questions.
The next stage was to submit the Aggregation Plan to state regulators for review and approval. The Plan was submitted to the MA Department of Public Utilities (DPU) for approval on March 24, 2023. Those interested in reviewing the filed Plan can download it from the Town of Canton Electricity Choice website ( ). The MA DPU review period for municipal electricity aggregation programs has been lasting between 12-24 months.

For additional information about Canton Electricity Choice and answers to frequently asked questions, please visit the new program website at or call customer support with the Town’s program consultants at 1-844-202-6101.