Marijuana & Tobacco - Vaping


  • E-cigarettes are electronic devices that heat a liquid and produce an aerosol, or mix of small particles in the air. Some e-cigarettes look like regular cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. Some look like USB flash drives, pens, and other everyday items. They are disposable or chargeable.
  • Most e-cigarettes contain nicotine and often include other flavorings like  fruit, candy, mint, and menthol. E-cigarette devices can also deliver marijuana and other drugs.
  • The use of e-cigarettes is unsafe for kids, teens, and young adults.

What are the harms?

  • E-cigarettes can contain other harmful substances besides nicotine.
  • Nicotine can harm the developing adolescent brain. The brain keeps developing until about age 25.
  • Young people who use e-cigarettes may be more likely to smoke cigarettes in the future. Using nicotine in adolescence may also increase risk for future addiction to other drugs. 
  • Some of the ingredients in e-cigarette aerosol could also be harmful to the lungs in the long-term. 

Resources for Quitting

  • 1-800-QUIT-NOW- Massachusetts' tobacco and nicotine Quitline. "Get connected to a FREE trained quit coach by phone or online. They'll share strategies to curb cravings, handle life's big and small stresses, and tackle relapses with you. No lectures. No judgments."
  • SmokefreeTXT - Center for Disease Control's texting program to help those 13 years or older quit smoking. The program is free, but messaging and data rates may apply. Text QUIT to 47848 or sign up using the web link.
  • This is Quitting - the Truth initiative's free, confidential 30-day program during which youth receive texts with information, tips, and support. Teens and young adults can join for free by texting DITCHVAPE to 88709. Parents can text QUIT to (202) 899- 7550 to learn more and access quitting resources.

Source: "Quick Facts on the Risks of E-cigarettes for Kids, Teens, and Young Adults" - CDC, 2021