Glen Echo Pond

Glen Echo Pond is one of the few natural ponds in Canton. It is 16 acres in size and averages 6 feet in depth with a maximum depth of 12 feet. Two-thirds of the pond lies within Canton and one-third in Stoughton, however the Canton Commission owns the entire pond, originally acquired by the Town for the conservation of the town's water supply. in the mid-1800s the pond was enlarged by damming. Glen Echo is the headwaters of Beaver Meadow Brook, which travels downstream through Ward Well Conservation Area, borders Beaver Meadow Conservation Area, and continues on to Bolivar Pond. The banks of the pond are dominated by oak and white pine. 

In addition to unique natural history Glen Echo has Native American cultural significance. It was once part of a 6,000 acre area designated in 1657 as an "Indian Praying Town" Ponkapoag Plantation of the Massachusett. The Massachusett-Ponkapoag Tribal Council own land on the pond. Photo (c) Regen Milani/Town of Canton.