Neponset Street Design Improvements


Canton became a "Housing Choice" community in 2018, which was then renewed in 2020. The Housing Choice Initiative provides incentives, rewards, technical assistance and targeted legislative reform to encourage and empower municipalities to plan and build the diverse housing stock that the Commonwealth needs to continue to thrive. It also provides exclusive admission to new Housing Choice Capital Grants, as well as priority access to many other Commonwealth grant and capital funding programs. Housing Choice communities also receive a 0.5% discount on the interest rate for State Revolving Fund loans. 

In late 2019, Canton was awarded a $150,000 Housing Choice Infrastructure Grant to study a section of Neponset Street (Washington Street to Chapman). In 2021, Canton was awarded a $250,000 Housing Choice Infrastructure Grant to finalize corridor design plan. 

The nearby Paul Revere Heritage Site has 272 housing units under construction.  While there are street improvements included for Revere Street, Neponset Street will also be impacted - however no capital improvements are included as a part of the development work.  This grant allows the Town to partner with a consultant to finalize the design plan and guide the implementation of roadway, bicycle and pedestrian improvements along a section of Neponset Street. 

Preliminary Corridor Design Plan

Public Workshop Slides and Recording