Master Plan Implementation Committee

Master Plan Implementation Committee Responsibilities

As a long-range plan, the Canton Master Plan requires a framework that holds the Town accountable for implementing actions and empowers new volunteers and elected officials to learn about the Master Plan and how to keep the momentum moving forward.

The MPIC is established and populated by the Select Board and is responsible for coordinating and monitoring implementation of the Master Plan. It is tasked with assessing the status of specific tactical actions, evaluating priorities, and suggesting new implementation techniques where appropriate. 

Responsibilities include the following:

- The MPIC meet at least quarterly, and will be the primary coordinators for gathering the information needed to track progress, with the assistance of the Town Planner.

- MPIC members contact all entities identified as lead responsible parties in the Action Plan at least once a year. The Town Planner (or MPIC designee) prepares a check sheet for each lead responsible party listing the tactical actions they are responsible for. This sheet will provide space for responsible parties to report on the status of the actions. It will also note any actions that have more than one lead agent.

- Once received, the MPIC compiles all of the responses into an Annual Master Plan Report and works with the Town Planner and lead responsible parties if there are any discrepancies. This report will also include a summary of the major successes of the past year, explanations or justifications for any actions that appear to be inconsistent with the goals and strategies of the Master Plan, implementation plans for the coming year, and recommendations, if any, on future Master Plan Updates.

Master Plan Frequently Asked Questions Document

Master Plan Strategic Framework 2021-2025

Goals for 2021-2022

  • Municipal Energy Aggregation program (passed at Annual Town Meeting 2021)
  • Advance preliminary design for Complete Streets projects (Top 5 projects) (complete)
  • Adjust zoning to reflect recommendations in the Route 138 Economic Development study (will be proposed for Town Meeting 2022)
  • Amend zoning to remove impediments to multi-family housing models where they are already allowed (zoning being considered for Town Meeting 2022)
  • Create an Municipal Affordable Housing Trust (passed at Annual Town Meeting 2021, created 2021)
  • Implement the Trails Master Plan (Warner Trail Extension Feasibility Study underway)

Master Plan Implementation Committee Composition

The Master Plan Implementation Committee is composed of 9 voting members from the following:
  • Planning Board - Joseph Amhrein
  • Conservation Committee - Bob MacDonald
  • Economic Development Committee - Alan Rapoport (Clerk)
  • Select Board - Lisa Lopez
  • Historical Commission - Mike Nourse
  • Community Preservation Committee or Parks & Recreation Committee - vacant
  • School Committee - Kristian Merenda (Vice-Chair)
  • Finance Committee or Capital Planning Committee - Emilio Mauro (Chair)
  • Citizen-at-large seat - vacant

Agendas & Minutes


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Meeting Recordings

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