Open Space and Recreation

In collaboration with boards/committees and the departments of Conservation and Parks & Recreation, the Town recently updated its Open Space & Recreation Plan (2018) and did an Earl Newhouse Waterfront Master Plan (2017) and engineered site plans (2019). Future open space planning efforts will include implementing Earl Newhouse Waterfront improvements, and planning for future trail connections in Town. 

Warner Trail Extension Feasibility Study

Project Overview and Goals

BSC Group (BSC) is the consultant for the Town of Canton in cooperation with the Walk, Bike and Hike Committee to extend the existing Warner Trail that currently terminates at the Sharon/Canton Town Line, into and through Canton to eventually connect to the Blue Hills Reservation via off-road (and on-road) segments. BSC will partner with the Town and trail stakeholders to provide a full range of planning, environmental, design, and engineering services to review and evaluate other potential route(s) for possible consideration as either short-term or long-term options, and prepare a feasibility study report that will summarize all of the routes considered and order-of-magnitude costs (construction and design) with an interactive map of the proposed network and recommendations and assistance with applying for funding of the project, utilizing local, state, and/or federal grants/programs


This study is being conducted from September 2021 to June 2022.

Open Space and Recreation Plan 

OSRP Final Report (2019)

OSRP 7-Year Action Plan 

OSRP Trail Maps


Public Walking and Biking Trail Maps - with enlargements

Public Walking and Biking Trails

Earl Newhouse Waterfront Plan

Earl Newhouse Waterfront Master Plan Report (2018)

Earl Newhouse Waterfront Master Plan concept plans (2018)

Earl Newhouse Waterfront Approved Site Plans (2020)

Reservoir pond earl newhouse