Taxi and Livery Licenses

The Select Board issues licenses to operate taxis and livery services in Canton. Below is the policy concerning obtaining a taxi/livery license as well as application packet. 

For more information on the application process including fees and deadlines, please contact the office of the Select Board at 781-821-5000.

Taxi/Livery License Packet of Information

1. Contact the Building/Zoning Department to ensure that your business is located in a business district.  781-821-5003

2. Register your business with the Town Clerk.  781-821-5013.

3. Hackney License Application - complete this application and schedule an appointment at the Police Station for an interview and application approval.  781-828-1214

4. Vehicle Inspection  - schedule an appointment at the Police Station to have your vehicle inspected.  781-828-1214

5. Tax Form and Worker's Comp Affidavit - complete these forms and bring them, along with your Hackney License and approved Vehicle Inspection report to the Select Board Office to be scheduled on a Select Board Agenda for approval of your license application.