2020 Annual Town Meeting

Updated material for the June 22 Town Meeting

Click here for the Final Warrant for the June 22 Annual and Special Town Meeting

2020 Annual Town Meeting Informational Session

In preparation for the June 22 Town Meeting there will be an informational webinar at 7 pm on June 15.  The purpose of this webinar is to provide the public with information on this year’s Town Meeting process and allow for presentations and questions on various articles.  In order to reduce person to person exposure time, the Canton Finance Committee and Town Moderator are holding this Article Review Session through Zoom to explain and discuss the merits of each essential Town Meeting Article. The Annual Town Meeting will take place at Memorial Field at Canton High School, 900 Washington Street at 6 pm on June 22 and a Special Town Meeting is being held after the Annual Town Meeting at 7:05 PM.

Articles have been designated either as essential or non-essential. Essential Articles will be acted on June 22nd and non-essential Articles will be deferred until the next Town Meeting. The Finance committee also plans to make more use of the Consent Agenda this year. Similar to the Annual Town Meeting, Articles on the Special Town Meeting Warrant will be deemed essential or non- essential and a Consent Agenda is being proposed.

Please take this opportunity to watch the June 15th review meeting so that as many questions that can be answered before the Town Meeting and Special Town Meeting; thereby reducing debate time and person to person exposure time. 

The session playback can been viewed from the following link:  Recorded Meeting


Due to the current Governor’s advisory regarding large gatherings, the 2020 Annual Town Meeting has been rescheduled to begin on June 22, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.  Please see the moderator’s declaration here.  

The meeting will be held at Memorial Field at Canton High School, 900 Washington Street.  All registered voters are invited and encouraged to attend.  

Residents seeking information on article submission are asked to review Article III of the Town By-Laws which provides details on submission requirements.  Any citizen petition article requires the signatures of at least ten (10) registered voters, must meet the requirements noted in Section 3.4, and must be initiated through the Town Clerk’s office.  

Click here for the 2020 Annual Town Meeting Time Line and here for the 2020 Annual Town Meeting Warrant

Click here for the 2020 Special Town Meeting Time Line  and here for the 2020 Special Town Meeting Warrant (The Select Board have called for a Special Town Meeting to be held with in the Annual Town Meeting.)