Canton Junction Area Planning

The Town is working with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council to facilitate a community-driven process to plan for the future of the area around Canton Junction Commuter Rail Station. Part of the industrial zone near the Canton Junction train station may currently be underutilized and offer potential for creating a unique multi-use district with a mix of programming ranging from residential units to retail/restaurant space to light industrial uses.

Study Objective

The objective of the study is to determine what uses could be viable and desirable given current market conditions in Canton and the region, while being sensitive to the long-range vision for the Town and neighborhood. This process will lead to the development of a vision for the area and develop strategies to achieve that vision.

This effort is under the understanding that current land owners have no immediate plans to sell or significantly redevelop their property. However, the findings will be useful to include in the ongoing Master Plan updated (expected fall 2019).


Based upon the feedback from the forum and the survey, the Canton Junction area represents a future opportunity for revitalization and key node to accommodate the Town's future growth with a mix of uses.

The area between Chapman and Jackson was considered an opportunity to improve the transition from the abutting single family residences to more intensive development between Jackson, Neponset, and the train tracks.

The transition area is envisioned as accommodating "missing middle" style of housing, such as townhouses and smaller cottage cluster homes along with some potential for commercial.

The area along the tracks was envisioned as allowing for mixed use development, commercial uses, and potentially some residential-only development.


  • March 21 and 22nd, 2019: Interviews with Town staff, boards, and business community
  • March 27th, 2019: Public Visioning workshop at the library (see related documents)
  • Month of April 2019: Online survey (see related documents)
  • September 25th: Public Forum Number 2, 7 to 9 pm at the Canton Public Library Community Room (see related documents)

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