Dental Benefits

The Town of Canton and Canton Public Schools encourage all of its employees to be covered by a dental insurance plan. In this regard, the Town and School Department offers eligible employees the following dental plan options that will provide protection for themselves and their eligible dependents.

Individual & Family Coverage

The employee with individual and family coverage pays an amount determined annually and effective July 1 of each year. The current employee monthly contribution is 25% of the insurance cost. Employee deductions are withdrawn each pay period. The employee pays for coverage one month in advance. The Town pays 75% of the monthly basic plan premium. The difference in premiums from the basic plan to the enhanced plan is passed along to the employee/retiree.

If you enroll in the Delta Dental Enhanced benefit, there is a two-year commitment to this plan.

Adult Children-Dental Enrollment & Coverage up to Age 26 (Effective July 1, 2018)

Employees’ dependents are able to be covered under the Delta Dental Insurance Program until the age of 26.

Enrollment Changes & Qualifying Events

The Town of Canton’s Insurance Benefits are active from July 1 through June 30. Changes to your benefits may be made during Open Enrollment in May (to be effective on July 1) or if you experience a qualifying event.