Classification and Compensation Study

The Town of Canton engaged the Collins Center for Public Management to conduct a Municipal job description, classification and compensation study for all permanent full and part-time employees (over 20 hrs. per week.). The purpose of this project had three (3) objectives:

1. Job Descriptions: 

Develop new position descriptions with clear definitions of essential functions and requirements. Having updated descriptions is critical to be in compliance with various laws, such as Americans with Disabilities Act, (ADA), and are key in recruitment, defining roles, responsibilities, and expectations of the position.
2. Position Evaluation and Classification:

     Once the job descriptions were completed; the Collins Center then used a point factor method to evaluate the positions.  The point factor method is used to determine the internal groupings or classification of positions.  

3. Salary Survey:

     Using the essential job functions of the position, external surveys were used to gain an understanding of how the Town of Canton is compensating employees relative to the market of similar positions. 

The Town of Canton Compensation and Classification Study will be rolled out in stages due to the complexity of contract negotiations with various parties and final approval from the Board of Selectman.  As we complete each phase we will continue to update this webpage.  

Salary Table