Important Information

Canton, Massachusetts was settled in 1650 and incorporated in 1797.  It is located in southeastern Massachusetts at the Foot of the Blue Hills.  It has an altitude of 126.8 feet above sea level.  

Canton has a population of 22,034 (2021 information).

Canton has adopted Open Town Meeting as its form of Government.  Annual Town Meeting is held on the second Monday in May at 7:00 p.m.

Canton has 17,381 registered voters.  The Annual Election is held the first Tuesday after the first Monday in April.

Canton's public school system consists of three elementary schools, the Dean S. Luce School, The John F. Kennedy School, and the Lt. Peter F. Hansen School, one middle school, the William H. Galvin Middle School and one high school, Canton HIgh School.  There is also one parochial elementary school, St. John's School and one regional high school, the Blue Hill Regional High School.  

Canton town hall