Drain Connection Permits

Procedures for Obtaining a Drain Connection Permit

  • The applicant (presumed to be the owner of the property in question) may start the application process by obtaining a copy of the Drain Permit application. Once obtained, the applicant may fill out the information required, and carefully read all of the conditions of the permit. One of the conditions requires the submission of a sketch of the proposed drain connection on 11 x 17 paper detailing the work to be done.
  • Once the completed application and sketch are submitted, the Town Engineer will review the request.
  • Once reviewed for approval the Town Engineer and Superintendent of Public Works will sign the form. Both signatures trigger  the collection of a $375 fee and the issuance of the Drain Permit upon payment.
  • Once approved, the applicant is required to hire a Licensed Utility Contractor and Excavator to apply for the Street Opening and Trench Permits. No work may take place until both permits are issued.