Stormwater Bylaw, Regulations, and Forms

In the absence of appropriate and well-maintained controls, stormwater runoff can discharge pollutants -such as excess nutrients in the form of fertilizers and pesticides - into local waterways ultimately degrading local water quality. In addition to harmful solid wastes and chemicals that are commonly found, sediment in runoff is often the most destructive.

While sedimentation of streams and rivers is a naturally occurring process, unmanaged sediment from runoff fills and clogs waterways at a high rate, causing physical and biological harm to local habitat and water quality, and exacerbating flooding.

The Canton Conservation Commission supports "smart growth". Land disturbing activities and new construction projects including redevelopment are important for economic growth, public access and safety, and overall improvements of daily life. Implementing  stormwater runoff control through our Stormwater Permit process helps prevent sediment as well as debris and chemicals from entering local water systems while still allowing for construction activity.