Services During Emergencies

Electrical Services

N-STAR is staffed for major outages. However, in emergencies, they depend on other municipal utilities for additional help. Because of constantly changing situations during an emergency, it is impossible to predict accurately when service will be restored. Therefore, it is the homeowners' responsibility to safeguard against frozen food spoilage or other inconveniences as the result of power loss. When power is lost, turn off or disconnect all major appliances, pumps, etc. until power is restored. Power will be restored on a priority basis in the following order:

  1. Health Care Facilities
  2. Designated Shelters
  3. Sewer Pumping Stations
  4. Utilities and Town Facilities
  5. Individual Homes and Businesses

Police & Fire Departments

Call 911 only in emergencies involving fire, health or life-threatening situations.

Emergency Management

Call Emergency Management at 781-575-6626 for matters relating to shelters, evacuation, food, etc.

Department of Public Works

The clearing of fallen trees, limbs, snow, water, etc. which obstruct vehicular traffic is the Department of Public Work's top priority. Downed trees on town land will be removed by the town. Disposal of downed trees and other debris on private property is the responsibility of the homeowner and will not be picked up by the town. Remember that depositing private debris on townland and streets is subject to fines. The landfill is open for operation between April 1 and November 30 call 781-828-4369.


The decision of whether or not schools will be in session will be made by 5:30 am by the School Department. If classes are cancelled it is broadcast periodically by radio stations:

  • WBZ (10:30 am)
  • WBUR
  • WHDH

TV Channels:

  • WBZ Channel 4
  • WCVB, Channel 5
  • WLVI Channel 56
  • WNAC Channel 7


  • Do not keep calling a department if you have reported a situation unless there is a life or death problem
  • Make only essential phone calls
  • Please be patient and realize that time estimates for restoring any services are only approximate and based on conditions at the time of the estimate. in a developing situation, anything can happen
  • Restrict water and electricity usage to essentials
    • Capacities are limited until all town services are fully restored