Home Evacuation

During Evacuation

  • Secure the house when leaving
  • Take keys
  • Turn off electrical power at the main switch
  • Turn off oil and gas burners and furnace

Do Not

  • Approach problem areas unless requested to assist
  • Go outdoors unless necessary during emergencies
  • Panic
  • Run generators indoors or near buildings
  • Touch any downed wires
  • Use charcoal or propane for indoor cooking
  • Use flame or electrical items if gas odor is detected
  • Use the telephone unless necessary

One of the greatest hindrances in restoring services is people sight-seeing on foot or in vehicles in problem areas. Remember that under certain circumstances persons interfering with emergency services to a stricken area are subject to arrest.

Things to Consider

  • Drive cautiously and only in emergency
  • If trees are blocking your street, report it to the Department of Public Works
  • Leave the house if gas is leaking inside or nearby
  • Make arrangements for salvaging frozen food if power is estimated to be off over 24 hours
  • Report broken gas or water mains to the respective companies.
  • Report downed wires to N-Star
  • Will family member need electricity for life support