Town Administrator

The Town Administrator is the full time administrator for the Select Board. In accordance with policy guidelines established by the Select Board, the Town Administrator  supervises, directs and coordinates town-wide, those municipal services and areas of responsibility under the jurisdiction and control of the Select Board. The Town Administrator performs administrative, technical, and supervisory work as well as researches, analyzes and recommends changes in Town policies, systems and procedures.

The Town Administrator prepares and participates in regular or special meetings of the Select Board, reviews and monitors the municipal budget, provides daily supervision and oversight of municipal agencies, personnel and services under the Select Board's jurisdiction. The Town Administrator is responsible for daily communication via telephone and written correspondence for the Select Board and acts as liaison with the general public and other levels of government. The Town Administrator also acts as a procurement officer, insurance coordinator, labor negotiator, personnel director, affirmative action officer, fair housing officer, and grant writer.  The Town Administrator is responsible for preparation of annual town meetings through research, warrant article submission and scheduling.  The Town Administrator also coordinates and monitors, with Town Counsel, legal matters pending against the Town among other duties and responsibilities.