Board of Selectmen




  • Christopher J. Connolly, Chairman 
  • John J. Connolly, Vice-Chairman
  • Thomas W. Theodore, Clerk
  • Mark J. Porter, Member
  • Michael C. Loughran, Member


The Board of Selectmen meets on select Tuesdays in the Salah Meeting Room, 2nd Floor, Memorial Hall, 801 Washington Street.  

Agenda items must be submitted to the Executive Office by 12:00 noon on the Thursday preceding any regularly scheduled Board of Selectmen meeting.  Click here for detailed agenda procedures.     
For the current schedule of meetings, please see the calendar or click here

Meetings are televised by Canton Community Television and prior meetings can be viewed on the Canton Community Television website.  


General Areas of Responsibility

The Board of Selectmen is comprised of the chief elected and executive officers of the Town of Canton. Its responsibility covers a broad range of important municipal issues. The Board of Selectmen is responsible for the oversight and deliverance of all general municipal services, including but not limited to public safety, public works, and general government (finance, human resources, building inspections, maintenance, elder services, legal services, animal control, conservation, and veterans service functions) to name a few.

The Board of Selectmen also acts as the appointing authority for multiple varied and diverse resident volunteers who serve on many important Town boards. These boards/commissions assist in shaping and formulating Town policies on the environment, infrastructure assessment and improvement, growth and development issues, fair housing, senior citizens, finance, recreation, recycling, and human resources to name a few. In addition, appointment of department heads of various general agencies fall within its scope of responsibility.

The Board of Selectmen also acts as the Town's licensing authority and reviews, hears and acts on all licensing requests. In addition, the Board reviews and approves Town Meeting warrants, payrolls, vendor payments, ballot questions, reviews and approves contracts for procurement of services or materials, and finally classifies real property. The Board of Selectmen also plays a key role in litigation and employee labor relations. The Board of Selectmen enacts rules and regulations for such matters as traffic control, underground conduit and storage of hazardous materials.

Town By-Laws and Policies