Planning Board

The Planning Board is comprised of five elected, volunteer town residents of varied backgrounds. They are charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Preparation and updating of the Town's Master Plan;
  • Review and approval of the construction of new subdivisions;
  • Adoption and Review of Town's Subdivision Rules and Regulations;
  • Presenting new streets to Town Meeting for Acceptance;
  • Review and recommendation of site plans for the Zoning Board of Appeals;
  • Proposal of amendments to the Zoning By-laws and reporting on amendments filed by others;
  • Overseeing the Town's Scenic Ways;
  • Approval of some special permits as permitted under the Zoning By-Laws;
  • Appointment of the Canton Center Design Review Board;
  • Any other duty as prescribed under the General Laws of the Commonwealth and the By-Laws of the Town of Canton.

Master Plan

The Master Plan should be a guide for the town’s future and as the town changes the document should change with it. There is a Master Plan Monitoring Committee charged with shepherding its implementation and recommend future revisions.

You can click here to visit the 2004 Master Plan page.  
You can click here to visit the 2018-2020 Master Plan update page.

Other Plans and Studies

Route 138 Study 2018
Washington and Randolph Intersection Study 2018

Earl Newhouse Waterfront Master Plan 2018

Paul Revere Heritage Site Market Analysis, Business, and Operations Plan - 2017

Reservoir Pond Study 2016
Housing Action Plan 2015
Stormwater Master Plan 2014
Canton Hazard Mitigation Plan 2018
Open Space and Recreation Plan update

Scenic Ways

Any person or organization seeking the consent of the Planning Board under MGL Ch. 40, Sec. 15c regarding road repair, maintenance, reconstruction, paving work, road or driveway cuts that will involve the cutting or removal of trees, or damage to the tree's root system, or the tearing down of stone walls, or portions thereof, shall file a request with the Planning Board.

The following is a list of Scenic Ways within the Town of Canton. If you are planning to remove a tree or stone wall and you reside on 1 of these streets, please request a determination from the Planning Board: 

•Chapman Street
•Elm Street
•Farm Street
•Green Street
•Green lodge Street
•Hemenway Drive
•High Street
•Indian Lane
•Pleasant Street
•Sherman Street- from Washington Street eastward to Pleasant Street
•Walpole Street
•Washington Street
•York Street
Town Meeting Zoning By-Laws
The Planning Board is charged under Chapter 40A Section 5, to hold a public hearing on proposed additions or amendments to the Town's Zoning By-Laws.  At said hearing, it is the duty of the Planning Board to give interested persons an opportunity to be heard.  After the public hearing, the Planning Board must submit a report and recommendation to Town Meeting on the proposed Zoning By-Law or Amendment.


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