Water Bills

Bill Disputes

If you think your bill is incorrect, please read your water meter prior to calling the Water Department office. Our staff will ask for this information in the first step of helping you to determine the cause of the billing error and will save from making a second call.

If you receive 2 estimated readings consecutively, please contact the Water Department office to find out why. The remote reader or the meter may need servicing and correcting this problem early will eliminate the possibility of a high catch-up bill.

Read Your Meter

Your water meter is usually located in the basement. Read the meter from left to right and compare the reading to the reading on your water bill under the column labeled present reading. If the reading on the meter is equal to or greater than the reading for which you were billed, then the bill is correct because the water passed through the meter.

Check For Leaks

If the consumption on your bill is considerably higher than your quarterly average, you may want to check the following:

  • Check for a toilet leak by putting a few drops of food coloring in the toilet tank.
    • If after 15 minutes, some of the coloring seeps into the toilet bowl, there is a leak and should be repaired
  • Check tub and sink faucets for a drip
  • Check your outside silcock for a leak

For more information on leaks read through the Stop Leaks / Save Water Brochure (PDF).

Your Final Bill

If you are selling your property, please schedule the final reading appointment with the Water and Sewer office for the day before the closing. A Meter Reader will take a final reading and the office staff will prepare a bill that you will pay on the day of the final reading and you will be given a paid receipt by the Collector's office to take to the closing. There is a $25 fee for a final reading.