Town Clerk

Attorney General's approval letter for articles adopted at the 2019 Annual Town Meeting.

Public Records Officer

  • Administers and records all oaths of office
  • Posts meetings of all governmental bodies
  • Provides access to public records
  • Maintains General By-Laws
  • Responsible for submission of new by-laws to the Office of the Attorney General for approval

Recording Officer

  • Records and certifies all official action of the town, including Town Meeting legislation and appropriations, Planning and Zoning Board decisions
  • Certifies notes for borrowing
  • Records state tax liens and child support enforcement liens
  • Records all pole locations approved by the Board of Selectmen

Vital Records

  • Registers all vital events (birth, death and marriages) occurring within the community and those events occurring elsewhere to Canton residents
  • Provides certified copies of vital records and assists with genealogical research

Voter registration & Chief Election Official

  • Conducts all town, state and federal elections and certifies nomination papers and initiative petitions
  • Assists voters interested in running for public office
  • Supervises voter registration and absentee balloting
  • Conducts annual census, annual street lists and assists the Jury Commissioner with the preparation with the Jury List

Election Results

Forms and Applications