Water / Sewer Rate & Policy Committee


  • William R. Scollins, III
  • Michael Trotta
  • Patricia Cawley
  • Gerald Carmichael
  • C. David Emhardt
  • Dan Cole
  • Walter Spiegel
  • Chris Sykes
For more information, please email the chair.  

Mission and Goals

To consider and review various matters that impact water and sewer rates and advise that Water & Sewer Commissioners of the Committee's recommendations.  The primary goal of the Committee is to ensure the Water and Sewer enterprises are sufficiently resourced to provide reliable clean sources of water and sewerage infrastructure for the entire Canton community in an efficient manner.  

Volunteer Opportunities
There are currently no vacancies on this committee.  Preferred qualifications for volunteers include a working understanding of basic municipal financial and concepts such as strategic planning, appropriating, funding, rate setting and the disparate authorities that must coordinate together to manage the related governmental processes and service delivery.  The approximate time commitment varies as the committee meets on an as needed basis.  

All of these terms last for 1 year and are appointed by the Select Board.