Playground and Recreation Commission


  •  Alison Grossman 
  •  Cabot Devoll, III 
  •  Debra Kelly 
  •  Marsha Armando
  •  Larry Bogue 
  •  Stacy Gorman 
  •  Mark Grossman
To contact the commission, please email us. 

Mission and Goals

Our mission is to enrich the lives of all citizens through diverse and innovative
recreational programs and services with focus on the arts, celebrations,
education and outdoor sports and games.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are currently no vacancies on this committee.  Preferred qualifications for volunteers are and interest in community gatherings, sports and indoor and outdoor programs
for the betterment and enrichment of all citizens of Canton.
Ability to work as a team and coherently with other boards and committees. Ability to provide support and oversight of Recreation Dept.  The time commitment is one meeting per month and time assisting with programs for the general public.  

All terms last 3 years and are appointed by the Select Board.