Finance Committee

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  • Cindy Thomas  - Chair (2025)
  • Emilio Mauro - Vice Chair (2024)
  • David Clough (2025)
  • Dan Cole (2026)
  • Karen Foley (2024)
  • Tim McKenna (2024)
  • Maureen Menconi (2025)
  • Kristin Mirliani (2026)
  • Reuki Schutt (2026)
To contact the Finance Committee please send an email.  

Attorney General approved a General By-Law change for  the Committee to consist of 9 members.  This is a reduction from 12 members to 9 members that was approved by the voters at the 2017 ATM.  All of these terms are for 3 years and are appointed by the Moderator.

 The Finance Committee represents the legislative branch of Town government - the Town Meeting, acting similar to the legislative Ways and Means Committee.  It shall be the duty of the Finance Committee to study the financial affairs of the town, to advise and make recommendations to the Town Meeting on the budget and other areas with fiscal implications and serves as the fiscal watchdog for the voters.  In carrying out this role, the Finance Committee considers both the short and long term fiscal position of the Town based on a fiscally conservative yet responsible operating and capital spending strategy.  In implementing this strategy, the Finance Committee seeks to balance the demand for services against the ability of residents with a broad range of financial situations to afford these services.


The Finance Committee's strategy is to recommend a budget that:

  • maintains quality town services supplied by an efficient workforce
  • continues an infrastructure investment via a capital spending plan
  • preserves appropriate levels of reserve funds