Commission on Disability



  • Laura Findlen - Lane 
  • Vacant
  • Lynn Findlen - Valkanas
  • Heather Cahill
  • Jill B. Juran
For more information please email the chair

Mission and Goals

To promote the inclusion and integration of persons with disabilities in the activities, services and employment opportunities or the community.  Advise and assist municipal officials in ensuring compliance with federal and state disability laws.  Review policies and activities of municipal departments and boards as they affect persons with disabilities.  Provide information, referral, advocacy and technical assistance to individuals, business and organizations in all matters pertaining to disability.  Coordinate the activities of other local groups organized to meet the needs of persons with disabilities.  

Volunteer Opportunities

There are currently no vacancies on this committee.  Preferred qualifications for volunteers are that they promote and support  inclusion.  The approximate time commitment is six meetings a year.  

All terms last 3 years and are appointed by the Select Board.