Republic Service Co is responsible to pick up the recycling for the Town of Canton. Republic Service picks up every other week in Canton. Depending on the street you live on in Canton will determine if you are a red or blue week. You may refer to the Recycling Street Listings (PDF)

You can also refer to the DEP-and-RecycleSmartCanton  to help determine what is and isn't allowed to recycle.

Textiles may be recycled in the Bay State Textile drop-off bin located at the Pine Street facility. Old clothing, fabric, shoes or anything soft can be recycled. Here is a link that list acceptable items for textile recycling.   All of the listed items can be donated in any condition as long as it’s clean and dry. 

Want to know where your recycled textiles end up? Nearly all donated textiles get recycled. Find out the secret double life of donated textiles.  

Questions as to what can be recycled?  Search an item to see if it should be placed in the recycling or in the trash at .

Canton Cable recorded a presentation as part of our public education effort to increase Canton’s compliance with recycling guidelines. Here is the link: Canton Cable recorded a presentation

Mattress/Box Spring Recycling

Mattress/Box Spring Recycling

Effective November 1, 2022, please be advised that the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) enacted a new mattress/box spring recycling mandate. These items are no longer accepted in weekly household trash as a bulk item. For the disposal of mattresses and box springs we encourage you to review the following:

Mattress - Textile Ban Opens in new window

Curbside Composting

Curbside composting is available in Canton through Black Earth Compost (link is  Reduce food waste by having yours collected weekly and turned into high quality, nutrient rich compost. Current payment plans for weekly compost pickup is $17.99/month OR $99.99 for 6 months.  Once 400 Canton households sign up, the price will go down by 30% for everyone.  Sign up or pre-register here (link is

Helpful Resources

Please call the Recycling Coordinator at 781-575-6650 if you have any other questions.

2023-2024 Recycling Collection Calendar

Republic Collection 23-24 Canton Calendar