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                                    WATER AND SEWER DIVISION
                                           Department of Public Works
                                            Memorial Hall - 2nd Floor
                                                801 Washington Street
                                                  Canton, MA 02021

                                    Dennis Morton, Water/Sewer Supervisor

                                       Karen Welch, Office Administrator

                                        Michael Jerrier, Account Coordinator

                                                    Hours of Operation:
                                          Monday – Friday 7:00am – 3:30pm
                                                     Phone: 781-821-5017
                                                        Fax: 781-575-6576

        Emergencies occurring only between 3:30pm and 7:00am  Please call 781-821-5094

                                  2013 MWRA Water Quality Report

                                         2012 MWRA Water Quality Report

                                         2011 MWRA Water Quality Report

                                         2010 MWRA Water Quality Report

                                         2009 MWRA Water Quality Report

                                         2008 MWRA Water Quality Report


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Water & Sewer Permit Fee Schedule


Want to know how much water a drip or leak can add to your bill?  Try the WaterWiser  Drip Calculator and calculate your use.  NOTE: 748 gallons = 1 HCF of water usage



The Water Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Town’s water supply, providing for the health and well-being of the public. The Water Division is funded entirely by the water rate payers.

The department is responsible for the repair and replacement of water meters.

A leak detection survey of the entire distribution system is conducted every other year and all leaks are repaired in accordance with the Federal Digsafe Law.

The department responds to resident inquiries of system problems such as low water pressure, condensation, discolored water, leaks in the roadway and service leaks.



The Water Division is responsible for the operation and System maintenance of the wells, pump stations and water distribution and storage facilities. The primary responsibility is to provide a potable, reliable supply of water for residential and commercial users and to provide adequate fire protection for the Town.

Canton’s water system currently consists of Five active wells, two booster pump stations and five water storage facilities with a capacity of 6.053 million gallons and 128 miles of distribution main.

The Town has three separate water systems; the main system, the spheroid system, and water purchased from the Town of Milton. The Town receives supplemental water from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA). About 80% of our water comes from our local wells and 20% comes from the MWRA regional water system.

The Canton Water Department adds sodium fluoride to the water in order to maintain a level of 1 milligram per liter (1 ppm) of fluoride at all sources. Potasium Hydroxide is also added to bring the ph to 8.0 in order to prevent high lead and copper content in the water




Hydrant Flushing:

The Water Division’s Hydrant Flushing Program is Flushing conducted twice a year, in the Spring and early Fall.

Before beginning the program, a notice will be posted in the local newspapers as well as Cable 8.

Hydrant flushing is a recommendation of the DEP to:

  • Clean all pipes in the system
  • Ensure chlorine residual to the ends of the system
  • Measure flows for fire protection
  • Locate and repair maintenance problems

This activity, which takes place of a six week-period may cause discolored water in varying degrees in all sections of Town. Residents who experience discolored water should flush their systems by opening a cold water faucet for a few minutes and then wait for about an hour. If the water is still not clear, the flushing procedure should be repeated.

The Water Department regrets that it cannot be responsible for any damage resulting from the flushing activity that is a necessary and normal maintenance function.

Fire Hydrants:


Hydrants provide a direct connection with the public water system. If you see anyone, who is not a Town of Canton Employee, opening a hydrant please call 781-821-5018 immediately.





As of July 1, 2014

Residential, Commercial and Industrial customers are billed quarterly

Water meters record usage in 100 cubic feet

100 cubic feet = 748 gallons
748 gallons = 1 HCF

                            WATER          SEWER   

1 - 15 HCF                3.40              7.77     

16 - 40                      6.10               8.79     

41 - 100                   10.07             11.61  

100 - 999999           12.79              14.88  


 1 - 40 HCF             6.10

 41 - 100                10.07

 101 - 999999         12.79



                            WATER        SEWER            IRRIGATION

Up to 1"                   10.00              5.00                     5.00
1"                            25.00            13.00
1 1/2"                      50.00            25.00
2"                            80.00            40.00
3"                          160.00            80.00
4"                          250.00          125.00
6"                          500.00          250.00
8"                          800.00          400.00

NOTE:  The service charge is based on the size of each meter on a customer's premises.

The charge is designed to recover costs which do not vary with consumption; costs include meter reading and billing,, a portion of the debt service costs, and maintenance and replacement of meters and service lines in the distribution system.

This charge is in lieu of a significant increase in the water and sewer rates.                           





Water Bills

If you think your bill is incorrect, please read your water meter prior to calling the Water Department office. Our staff will ask for this information in the first step of helping you to determine the cause of the billing error and will save from making a second call.

If you receive two estimated readings consecutively, please contact the Water Department office to find out why. The remote reader or the meter may need servicing and by correcting this problem early will eliminate the possibility of a high catch-up bill.


Your water meter is usually located in the basement. To read the dial, look down into the plastic cap and read from left to right. Compare the reading to the reading on your water bill under the column labeled present reading. If the reading on the meter is equal to or greater than the reading for which you were billed, then the bill is correct because the water passed through the meter.

If the consumption on your bill is considerably higher than your quarterly average, you may want to check the following:

  • Check for a toilet leak by putting a few drops of food coloring in the toilet tank. If, after 15 minutes, some of the coloring seeps into toilet bowl, there is a leak and should be repaired.
  • Check tub and sink faucets for a drip
  • Check your outside silcock for a leak.


    Stop Leaks / Save Water


 Click here to download Stop Leaks/Save Water brochure

  Want to know how much water a drip or leak can add to your bill?  Try the WaterWiser Drip Calculator and calculate your use.  NOTE: 748 gallons = 1 HCF of water usage







Final Water/Sewer Bills

(Transfer of Owner)

If you are selling your property, please schedule an appointment with the Water and Sewer office a week prior to the closing. A Meter Reader will take a final reading and the office staff will prepare a bill that you will pay on the day of the final reading and you will be given a paid receipt by the Collector’s office to take to the closing. There is a $25 fee for a final reading.






Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Canton’s water safe to drink?

    A. Yes, the water in the Town of Canton meets or exceeds all DEP
EPA standards.

Q. Why does my water look yellow and there is a brown stain in my toilet bowl?

A. There is a small amount of iron in the water and it becomes noticeable as it comes in contact with the air. Although these discolorations are aesthetically displeasing, they pose no immediate health risks. If you are concerned about iron levels, please contact your physician.

Q. Why is my water white and milky looking?

A. The water contains air that is either in your plumbing or in the water mains, usually occurring after a water main break. Run your tap water from each faucet in your home and it will clear up.

For a full description of this topic click on the Glass Icon below.

Q. How much water do I use?

A. Each person uses an average of 70 gallons of water each day – 75% of all water is used in the bathroom. One dripping faucet, leaking pipe or running toilet could dramatically increase your daily water use.

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