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The Yard Waste Recycling Center will be closing on Saturday November 29,2014.  It will reopen for the collection of undecorated Christmas trees and wreaths for the first two weeks in January...Pleasant St Roundabout construction is expected to be completed by November 21, 2014.  Thank you for your patience...Work on the Shepard Pond Dam is ongoing...

                                                          Board of Selectmen

Memorial Hall
801 Washington Street
Second Floor

Canton MA 02021

Hours: Mon., Wed-Fri 8:30 am to 5:00 PM

Tuesday 8:30 am to 7:00 PM

Phone: 781- 821- 5000       
Fax: 781 - 821 - 2935




The Board of Selectmen



Victor D. Del Vecchio   –Chairman
Avril T. Elkort,               – Vice Chairman
John J. Connolly           – Clerk
Robert E. Burr, Jr         – Member

Gerald A. Salvatori Jr   – Member

The Board of Selectmen act as the 
Licensing Board for the Town of 
Canton. As such they issue the 
following licenses/permits: 
(permit / fee schedule)

Board of Selectmen's office staff:

Mr. William T. Friel, Town Administrator 



Ms. Christina Carlton, Executive Assistant

Ms. Jennifer Andrews, Administrative Secretary

Ms. Judith Levitsky, Secretary

Administrative Code

Master Plan


General Areas of Responsibility

The Board of Selectmen are the chief elected and executive officers of the Town of Canton. It's responsibility covers a broad range of important municipal issues. The Board of Selectmen are responsible for the oversight and deliverance of all general municipal services, including but not limited to Public Safety, Public Works, and general government (finance, personnel, building inspections, maintenance, senior services, legal, animal control, conservation, and veterans functions) to name a few.

The Board of Selectmen also act as the appointing authority for many varied and diverse resident volunteers who serve on many important town boards. These Boards/Commissions assist in shaping and formulating Town policies on the environment, infrastructure assessment and improvement, growth and development issues, fair housing, senior citizens, finance, recreation, recycling, and personnel to name a few. In addition, appointment of department heads of various general agencies falls within their scope of responsibility as well.

The Board of Selectmen also act as the Town's licensing authority and reviews, hears and acts on all such requests. In addition, the Board reviews and approves Town Meeting warrants, payrolls, and vendor payments, ballot questions, reviews and approves contracts for procurement of services or materials, and finally classifies real property. The Board of Selectmen also play a key role in litigation and employee contract negotiations. The Board of Selectmen may also enact rules and regulations for such matters as traffic control, underground conduit and storage of hazardous materials.

The Board of Selectmen meet on  select Tuesday evenings at 7:00 PM in the Salah Meeting Room
located on the second floor of Memorial Hall. During the summer months the Board meets every other Tuesday at 7:00 PM in the same location.


The Town Administrator is the top full time administrator for the Board of Selectmen. In accordance with policy guidelines established by the Board of Selectmen, the Town Administrator  supervises, directs and coordinates Town-wide, those municipal services and areas of responsibility under the jurisdiction and control of the Board of Selectmen. This administrative officer performs administrative, technical, and supervisory work. Researches, analyzes and recommends changes in Town policies, systems and procedures.

The incumbent must prepare and participate in regular or special meetings of the Board of Selectmen, reviews and monitors the municipal budget, provides daily supervision and oversight of municipal agencies, personnel and services under the Board of Selectmen's jurisdiction. Is responsible for daily telephone and written correspondence for the Board of Selectmen, acts as liaison with the general public and other levels of government. Incumbent acts as: as a procurement officer, insurance coordinator, is responsible for preparation of annual town meetings through research, warrant article submission and scheduling, labor negotiator, personnel director, affirmative action officer, fair housing officer, grant writer, coordinates and monitors, with Town Counsel, legal matters pending against the Town, to name a few.


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