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Thanks to everyone who has worked to support this important community project.

Topping Off Ceremony
November 9, 2002

After four months of work, another major milestone was reached when more than 100 residents and friends came to the construction site to "top off" the new addition of the library. The event symbolized the safe completion of the erection of several tons of steel that will become the new addition of the building project. To celebrate, the last beam was painted white and everyone in attendance signed the steel. An American Flag was hung over the new Main Entrance, and a six foot pine tree will be placed on the highest point of the new structure.


Library Trustee Building Committe Chairman, George Comeau & Trustee Chairman, Betty Chelmow
along with Trustees Vin Shea, Peg Mead and Susan Cogliano led off the ceremonial
Beam Signing. Over a hundred residents followed their lead.

Dozens of children came to help consume
the refreshments donated by Trustee Susan Cogliano and her husband Ed.
Sporting requisite hardhats, the kids all signed the final beam.

Adjusting the angle of your hardhat was just one
of the tasks learned at the Topping Off Ceremony.
Shown here are Mike Nourse and his daughter, Madison Nourse

The new Main Entrance is shown above
with an American Flag flying proudly


Library Staff Members, Sandy Greenfield and Patty Ryburn
are literally hats-off after seeing their new digs.

More Photos Coming Soon !!!

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