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Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, municipal offices will be closed on Thursday, November 27, 2014 and Friday, November 28, 2014. Offices will be open for business on Monday, December 1, 2014...The Yard Waste Recycling Center will be closing on Saturday November 29,2014.  It will reopen for the collection of undecorated Christmas trees and wreaths for the first two weeks in January...Pleasant St Roundabout construction is expected to be completed by November 21, 2014.  Thank you for your patience...Work on the Shepard Pond Dam is ongoing...

                                 Department Applications / Forms
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  17D - Abatement form for Surviving Spouse
  22C - Abatement form for Veterans
  37A - Abatement form for Blind citizens
  41C - Abatement form for Seniors 65 and Older
  Real Estate/Pers Prop Abatement Form
  Form of List - Personal Property
  Statement of Employment  Form
Amend Permit Application
  Building Permit Application
  Definition and Requirements of an Affidavit Project in the Town of Canton
  Electrical Permit Application
  Gas Permit Application
  Home Occupation Business Form
  Informal Request for Determination Application - ConCom
  Plumbing Permit Application
  Sheet Metal Permit Application
  Stove Installation Building Code
  Swimming pool
  Workers Compensation Insurance Affidavit
  Zoning Board Application
  Zoning - Application Fee Schedule
  Zoning Bylaws
  FY 15 CPA Pre-Application Form
  Application Process
  Application for CPA Funding
  Community Preservation Guidelines
  Article XV - Town of Canton Wetlands Protection By-law
  Amended Notice of Intent
Wetland Regulations
Board Signature Sheet
Wetland By-law Filing Fee Calc sheet
WPA Form 3 - Notice of Intent form
WPA Form 7 - Request for Extension Permit for Orders of Conditions
WPA Form 8A - Request for Certificate of Compliance

Article XX - Town of Canton Soil Erosion and Sediment Control By-law

Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Regulations
Board Signature Sheet
Land Disturbance Application
Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Filing Fee calc sheet
  Article XXI - Town of Canton Stormwater Management By-law
SWMP - Notice of Intent
Stormwater Filing Fee Calc sheet

Stormwater Regulations
Traffic Concern Form
  Water & Sewer Permit Fee Schedule
  Supervised Display of Fireworks FP-27 Application/Permit 
  Flammable-Combustible Liquid Application
  General Permit Application
  Oil burner CMR-4 form1
  Tank Removal Application
  Tank Truck Application
  Disposal Works Installers
  Food Service Application
  HAZ MAT GeneralByLaw XVII
  HAZ MAT Registration Application
  HAUL OFFAL Application & Forms
  Keeping of Animals
  POOL(s): Semi-Public Application Package
  Temporary Food Event Application
  Workers' Compensation Insurance Affidavit
Employment Application
  Blue Cross Blue Shield Enrollment Form
  Delta Dental Enrollment Form
  Electronic W2 Request Form
  BOS MUT Certificate Change Form

Address Change Form

  FSA Open Enrollment/Change form 
  Delta Dental Student Affidavit
  Alcoholic Beverage Request Form
  Application for Use of Pequitside Farm
  Rental Fee Schedule
  Rules and Term of Rental
  Rules and Regulations - Subdivision
  Form A Subdivision Control
  Form B Aprroval Preliminary Plan
  Form C Approval of Definitive Plan
  Form D Submission of Preliminary or Definitive Plan
  Form E Certified List of Abutters
  Form F Covenant
  Form G Certificate of Release of Lots
  Form H Certificate of Release of Surety
  Form I Certificate of Release of Covenant
  Form J Conveyance of Easements and Utilities
  Scenic Way Rules and Regulations
  Administrative Code
  Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission - State Site
  Application for a Yard/Garage Sale
  Class II License Application Form
  Common Victualler Application
Master Plan
One-Day Alcohol License Application
  Traffic Concern Form
  Traffic Rules & Regulations
  Workers Compensation Insurance Affidavit
  Entertainment Application
  Absentee Ballot Application
  Business Certificate
  General By-Laws
  Voter Registration Application
  Veteran's News Letter


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