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The Fire Prevention Division is active in maintaining and enforcing fire and life safety codes.  A new fire code was added this year which states that any building containing more than six dwelling units must not have mulch within 18 inches of any combustible parts of the building.  This code was added in response to recent building fires which started as mulch fires.  Finally we continue to work closely and cooperatively with the Building Department to keep both new and existing buildings as safe as possible.


Deputy Chief Scott Johnson

Phone: 781-575-6654 ext 104   
Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 7:30am-6:00pm


Contact for the following:

-  Commercial fire protection review
           -  Fireworks
           -  Hazardous Materials
           -  LEPC
           -  General Permitting
           -  Fire Inspections


Lieutenant Brian Marshall

Phone: 781-575-6654 ext 114
Office Hours: Tuesday-Friday 7:30am-6:00pm


              Contact for the following:

                      -  Residential plan review
                      -  Schedule smoke/CO detectors -please read and review smoke detector and CO
 detector building code  requirements (below) before scheduling an inspection
                      -  Candle permits
                      -  Oil burners
                      -  Tank removal
                      -  Tank trucks
                      -  Transfer tanks
                      -  General permitting
                      -  Fire Inspections
                      -  Arson Hotline: 1-800-682-9229

              Generally 1,200 permits are issued each year generating nearly $40,000 for the town.
              FFire Prevention week 2013: October 6-12:        
   National Fire Protection Association

            One and Two-family Residential Smoke and CO Detector Inspections. Please read and
             review code requirements to see that your detectors are on par with the codes before scheduling
             an inspection. Below are some of the requirements for residential smoke and CO detectors. An
             extra $15 fee is added on every time a  house fails the first inspection and must be inspected again.  

                -   Residential homes must have a CO detector and Smoke detector on every level of the 
home, including habitable areas of basements or attics.

                -   You must have a CO detector in basement even if it is not habitable. It must be placed
               directly at the bottom of the stairs.

                      -   On levels with sleeping areas, a CO detector must be within 10 ft of every bedroom.

                      -   Combination detectors are ok to use.

                -   A photoelectric smoke alarm must be used within 20 ft of a kitchen or full bathroom.
               Photoelectric  combinations are ok to use.

                -   All detectors must have simulated voice and tone alarms that clearly distinguish between a
               smoke and CO emergency.

                -   If any level of the house is more than 1200 square ft, there must be more than 1 smoke
and 1 CO  detector.

            Please note: These are just a few of the smoke and CO detector requirements that are common
            reasons for failing inspections. Adhering to all of these codes does not necessarily mean your home
            will pass inspection.  

            For a complete list of requirements for smoke and CO detectors when selling a one or two-family
            residence, please click the links below. The links below will explain the difference between different
            types of detectors  and also gives pictures of where detectors must be located.

             Smoke Alarm Inspection Requirements for Family Dwellings

            A Guide to the Massachusetts Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Requirements



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