Master Plan Steering Committee

Canton Residents Sought for Master Plan Steering Committee

The Planning Board is charged under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 41, Section 81D to lead the master plan effort. The Board of Selectmen and the Planning Board are working to appoint a Master Plan Steering Committee to oversee the development of the Master Plan update. The MPSC will work directly with a consultant to conduct, guide, and document the master plan effort. The committee will be composed of various elected and appointed members of town boards and select citizen stakeholders. This committee will meet under the direct oversight of the Planning Board.

All committee members are to be residents of Canton and appointed to a two (2) year term. The board is to meet monthly at a regularly scheduled time. The board will consist of nine (9) members: representatives from the Board of Selectmen, Conservation Commission, Economic Development Committee, Housing Authority, and Planning Board, as well as four (4) at-large citizen stakeholders to be chosen through an interview process after publicly advertising for the positions.

The Planning Board will interview interested participants for the four at-large seats on the Steering Committee and will make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen for appointment. Whenever possible the Board seeks variety and diversity in committee appointments, so that a true cross-section of the community will be reflected.

 If you are interested in serving as one of the four at-large members, please submit letter of interest and resume to the Planning Board.

Letters of interest should include the following information:

          • How long you have lived in Canton

          • Why you are seeking an appointment

          • Any education, experience, professional achievement, previous occupation, skills, or special interests you may have                    that will assist you with this Committee

          • Any potential conflicts of interests if appointed

          • If have ever had business before the Planning Board or Board of Selectmen

          • Other Board/Committees on which you have served in this or other towns

Please submit letter of interest and resume no later than November 1st, 2017 to:

Laura Smead

Town Planner

Canton Town Hall

801 Washington Street

Canton, MA 02021

or via email to: