Street Openings (Excavations)

All Street Opening permit applications must be applied for in person at the Public Works/Engineering Office Counter.  These permit applications can only be generated by computer at the time of the visit.
Target Dates   
 April 1  Street Openings begin (dependent upon weather and the availability of hot mix asphalt; i.e.: Asphalt Plants must be open).
 October 31  The last day of the calendar year that an application will be accepted for Street Opening by Public Works.
 November 15  The last day of the calendar year for digging on a Town owned street.
 November 30  The last day of the calendar year for repairing a trench on a Town owned street for the approaching winter.

Procedures for Obtaining a Street Opening Permit

  • The applicant will ask Engineering Staff for a Street Opening Permit.  (This permit may also be called the Street Excavation Permit.  The names are interchangeable.)  Engineering Staff will discuss the intended work. The applicant will present a sketch of the proposed work; and photos of the area if required.

                    Note:  All Street Opening Permits require 48 hours, minimum, for review
and must be accompanied by a sketch.

  • After describing the nature of the work, the applicant will provide the pertinent details of the location, size of the excavation and other information so that the application may be generated by computer.

  • The applicant will pay a non-refundable $50 administration fee for the application.  If the applicant is not a representative of a Utility Company, the applicant will also pay a refundable deposit based on the work proposed and calculated by Engineering Staff.

  • If the applicant plans on doing any work in the Washington Street layout between Neponset Street and Chapel Street, other non-refundable fees will apply, as calculated by Engineering Staff.  This application will require photos of the proposed street opening area.

  • Once all data is obtained for the project and a dig safe number and start date is provided, then the application form may be printed for review, signatures, and payment.

  • Once signatures are obtained and payment is made for the application, the Permit may be issued after the Superintendent of Public Works signs the permit.  This signature may take a day to obtain depending on the Superintendent’s schedule.

  • Please note that 90% of all Street Opening Permits require a Trench Permit to be issue along with it.  Please ask Engineering Staff if a Trench Permit is required, if unsure.