Trench Permits

All Trench permit applications must be applied for in person at the Public Works/Engineering Office Counter.  These permit applications can only be generated by computer at the time of the visit.
Procedures for Obtaining a Trench Permit

  • The applicant may or may not be the Excavator for the job. The person operating the excavation equipment, i.e.: the Excavator is responsible for the permit.  If not already on file in the Engineering Office, the Excavator will provide copies of his/her Hoisting License issued by the State of Massachusetts. This license information is an essential part of the Trench Permit process.  If a copy of the Hoisting License is not provided, then the Trench Permit may not be initiated.

  • All information pertinent to the trench work is required for the permit.  (See the link below.)  No application form will be printed out for signatures without a valid dig safe number and start date, issued by Dig Safe by calling 811.

  • Once the application is printed, the signature of the property owner and the Excavator is required to proceed with the issuance of the permit

  • When signatures are obtained and returned to the Engineering Office and the $50.00 application fee is paid, the Trench Permit may then be issued.

  • Trench Permits expire 60 days after the issue date.  If work is not complete then the process for a new permit begins.